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Industrial Painter

About the Job

OMJ Job Number/Reference Code: 3386254

Desired Skills/Duties: Industrial Painter (Greater Cincinnati) Looking for an experienced painter who has the ability to apply 2&3 part paint systems such as zinc, macropoxy, and high solids polyurethane on steel pipe and other metal surfaces. Ability to work with minimum disturbance of other property. Must be able to use a spray gun and pressure pot. Also, desire someone with extensive surface preparation experience utilizing various hand tools as well as sandblasting. This person will also be required to apply other coatings such as a variety of fast curing epoxies to girth welds, etc. Experience painting pipes, bridges, tanks, etc. is desired. Required to read and understand coating specs. Must be able to create and maintain a variety of containment systems. Must have a high school diploma or GED, valid driver s license w/insurance, and at least 3 years work experience as an industrial painter.

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