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Finance Specialist

About the Job

OMJ Job Number/Reference Code: 3390279

Desired Skills/Duties: S-1036-9 Employer Seeking: Finance Specialist Worksite Location: Canton, Ohio How to Apply: **APPLY DIRECT** to the employer using the following information: Apply in person: Stark County Veterans Service, 2955 Wise Ave NW Canton, Ohio Shift/Hours: Full-Time M-F 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. JOB SUMMARY PURPOSE Under the direction of the Executive Director and supervision of the Finance Manager, the Finance Specialist provides assistance to eligible veterans and dependents, as defined in Ohio Revised Code Chapter 5901, seeking financial assistance benefits with Stark County Veterans Service Commission. QUALIFICATIONS AND EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS High school graduate or higher. Must be a veteran of the Armed Forces of the United States who received an honorable discharge or if a qualified veteran is not available the spouse, surviving spouse, child, or parent of a veteran, per Ohio Revised Code 5901.01. Valid State of Ohio Driver s License. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Provides case management to all financial assistance program files; 2. Ensures diligent administration of financial assistance offered by the Stark County Veterans Service Commission, per policy and guidelines; 3. Maintains client scheduling for financial assistance appointments; 4. Determines veteran status and applicant s eligibility to apply for financial assistance; 5. Develops applications, case management forms, and gathers supporting documents for financial assistance applications; 6. Ensures keen investigative abilities and the capacity to evaluate financial assistance request, documents, and applications; 7. Acts as the liaison between Stark County Veterans Service Commission clients and the Finance Manager; 8. Counsels clients on Stark County Veterans Service Commission Financial Assistance Program Guidelines and Procedures for emergency financial assistance and continual assistance; 9. Responds to all client financial assistance status inquiries; 10. Advises clients of the appeals process; 11. Refers clients to other appropriate community and State social services and financial assistance agencies to address individualized needs and hardship; 12. Reports known and suspected cases of fraud and/or misrepresentation to the Finance Manager; 13. Provides the Finance Manager departmental recommendations program improvement, new programming, etc.; and 14. Demonstrates regular and predictable attendance. Staff Contact: RC6

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