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Deputy Sheriff

About the Job

OMJ Job Number/Reference Code: 3442758

Licenses/Certifications Required: Ohio Peace Officers Certification

Desired Skills/Duties: Pay Grade: Steps A through D Probationary Period: One Year Definition: Under general supervision, a Deputy Sheriff with the Allen County Sheriff s Office will perform a variety of law enforcement functions; and will perform other related work functions as required. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: In order to fulfill the mission, goals and objectives of the Allen County Sheriff s Office, officers and employees must have the ability to perform a variety of duties that are essential to the position. Therefore, all individuals applying for a Deputy Sheriff position will initially meet and maintain the following: 1. Speak, Write, and Read Reports & Comprehend Other Documents; 2. Handle Human Relations Problems; 3. Engage in Physical Activities; 4. Operate Patrol Vehicle; 5. Enforce Traffic Laws and Investigate Traffic Accidents; 6. Arrest and Detain Persons; 7. Use Physical Force to Control Persons; 8. Use Deadly Force; 9. Conduct Search and Seizure; 10. Protect Crime Scene and Collect Evidence and Information; 11. Provide Emergency Assistance; 12. Present Testimony An Applicant for the position of Deputy Sheriff within the Allen County Sheriff s Office that cannot perform these essential tasks will not be accepted. A current employee in the position of Deputy Sheriff who is no longer able to comply with the requirements of the Allen County Sheriff s Office will be referred to the Sheriff or Chief Deputy. POSITION REQUIREMENTS: Individuals seeking employment with the Allen County Sheriff s Office as a sworn law enforcement officer must: 1. Be a United States Citizen; 2. Be a resident of Ohio, or become a resident within ninety 90 days of employment; 3. Be at least twenty-one 21 years of age; 4. Possess a valid Driver License; 5. Never have been convicted of a felony, or a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude; 6. Be free of misdemeanor convictions for the last twelve 12 months; 7. Have no previous convictions or current pending charges of driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol; 8. Be subject to a thorough background investigation and personal interviews by agency personnel; 9. If served in the armed forces of any country, demonstrate stability, reliability, and integrity, by having an Honorable Discharge Dishonorable, or General discharges are not acceptable ; 10. Demonstrate reading and comprehension skills in the English language to at least the 12th grade level through interviews and written demonstration of proficiency; 11. Demonstrate honesty and integrity by successfully completing pre-employment polygraph and drug testing; 12. Be free from illegal drug use, or legal drugs that impair mental or physical performance, for the past 5 years, as determined by interview, medical, or polygraph testing; 13. Be fingerprinted and subjected to a search of local, state, and national records and fingerprint files; 14. Undergo physical and psychological assessments by licensed professionals. If a physician or mental health professional identifies conditions that impede or prevent the individual from performing the essential tasks of this position, the applicant may not be eligible for employment as a law enforcement officer with the Allen County Sheriff s Office until such time as the issue or condition is resolved to the satisfaction of the original professional; 15. Meet academic and physical requirements for completion of the law enforcement officers course and certification, as required by the State of Ohio, or have successfully completed the required Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy. EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: 1. Have a high school diploma or equivalent (GED); 2. Successfully complete the required Ohio Peace Officers Certification and Training; 3. Demonstrated proficiency with all weapons carried; 4. Within twelve 12 months of the initial hire, and each year thereafter, complete formal in-service training. - Posted by OMJ - Allen County

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