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Marion County Common Pleas Court Family Division

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Programming and Operations Manager

About the Job

OMJ Job Number/Reference Code: 3605501

Desired Skills/Duties: The Marion County Court of Common Pleas Family Division is taking applications for the position of JDC Programming and Operations Manager. This position is classified as a managerial position within the Juvenile Detention Center and comes with a great deal of responsibility. Starting salary will be at least $17/hour, commensurate with experience. Section 1: Information about Marion County Juvenile Detention Center In accordance with Ohio Juvenile Law and Procedures, the Marion County Juvenile Detention Center (MCJDC) exists to provide youth committed to detention by the Marion County Court of Common Pleas Family Division, with care, custody, and discipline. To support this tremendous responsibility, every person employed at the MCJDC must dedicate themselves to the following standards of youth care giving. To assure the physical and mental well-being of every youth entrusted to our care; and to be alert and perceptive in identifying youth who may require care giving, both physical and psychological, beyond our individual capabilities. To ensure the highest level of security within our facility at all times, always being aware of the security policies and procedures. To commit our every communication or act to the moral and mental training of youth. We will not punish, degrade, belittle, or demean any youth committed to detention. We will urge and expect every youth to strictly adhere to the rules established by the MCJDC. We will require respect from every youth and, in return, give respect to them. In the establishment of discipline and the conduct of every program and activity, the MCJDC acts as a unit, deeply dependent on teamwork and support from all employees, detention officers, and support staff alike. This is essential in providing a consistent, fair, and understandable environment of the youth detained. The Marion County Juvenile Detention Center commits to a goal of providing all youth with not only the experience of positive discipline but also a strong desire to not return to detention. Achievement of this goal will hopefully provide the end result expected by the public whom we serve: Youths modifying their deviant behavior and becoming functioning, productive, law abiding members of society. Section 2: Information about the Programming and Operations Manager Position The position of Programming and Operations Manager is a vital part of the detention center and involves a high level of responsibility, patience, and decision making. Some of the overall responsibilities include supervising and overseeing all three shifts. Maintaining all training records and assisting the Detention Administrator in managing the operation of the facility and decision making on the physical plant. Key areas of responsibility include: Developing youth resident daily activity schedules. Coordinating all programming with court programming coordinator and arranging for special programming including presentations by community and all other outside speakers/presenters. Ensuring that all youth have proper access to communication with attorneys, court staff, and guardians. Speaks and works with youth residents in crisis and works with Detention Administrator and Court Staff to develop and incorporate Individual Treatment Plans for youth. Coordinates all audio/visual programming and is responsible for inventory control of video, audio, etc. Communicates with Probation and Court Staff concerning youth resident behavior. Coordinates all training, to include; ERT training, CPR and First-aid, AED Response, Crisis Intervention, Suicide Awareness, Security Issues, Court Procedures, and Policies and Procedures. Maintains the discipline policy pertaining to youth s behavior. Assists the Detention Administrator providing facility operation quality control. Candidates may submit resume, cover letter and three professional references for consideration.

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