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Butler County Engineer's Office

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Right of Way Specialist

About the Job

OMJ Job Number/Reference Code: 3644024

Desired Skills/Duties: The Right of Way Specialist is responsible for reviewing right of way plans and assuring proper documentation of expenditures working toward the objectives of the Engineering Department, the safety and care of co-workers and Butler Worker residents. The successful candidate must have associates degree or any such combination of education, training, or experience in right-of-way acquisition and appraisal procedures as may be acceptable to the hiring authority. Have a valid State of Ohio driver s license with less than 6 points and is required to utilize a variety of technical information and knowledge in completing work assignments including State and Federal regulations on right of way acquisition. The Right of Way Specialist must be able to work daily and to walk, stand and climb through rough terrain on construction sites for field review and inspections. Employee must be able to wear safety equipment as required by OSHA and the BCEO safety policy. The successful candidate for this position must be able to perform all of the following essential functions with or without reasonable accommodation: Must be able to communicate well and work well with others and cooperate with residents, vendors, customers and Employees of Butler County. Review right-of-way plans for construction projects throughout the design process; Research deeds, plats, easements, and all other right-of-way documents and records relevant to engineering projects; Perform or oversee Title Research, Appraisals and Appraisal Reviews as needed to prepare a right-of-way cost analysis; Communicate with property owners, thoroughly explain projects and the effects on property, respond to inquiries, explain policies and procedures, and provide assistance as needed; Negotiate and coordinate right-of-way acquisition activities for both Local and Federal Aid Projects; Attend eminent domain hearings and trials as requested by the Butler County Prosecutor to provide information regarding right-of-way activities and procedures; Keep accurate logs of calls and meetings during the right-of-way process as required; Maintain Federal Aid project records and files in accordance with the Ohio Department of Transportation; Work with project teams and property owners to eliminate and resolve any problems; Coordinate property restoration activities with property owners; Attend projects meetings including pre-bid, pre-construct and project progress meetings; Any other work that is not listed that the Engineering Manager assigns and deems necessary; Skills and Knowledge: Specialized knowledge of right-of-way procedures and practices and the ability to make practical application to work assignments; Knowledge of real estate laws, principles, practices, and procedures; Knowledge of Federal, State, and County property acquisition rules, regulations, and guidelines; Ability to interpret engineering plans and specifications; Ability to organize duties and activities while maintaining accurate records and files; Knowledge of BCEO Policy Manual and the Ohio Revised Code, as they relate to specific job related duties; Knowledge of the latest ODOT s Right-of-Way Manuals; Knowledge of personal computers and the ability to use and operate for job duties; Knowledge of construction sequencing procedures; Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing;

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