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Combined Containerboard

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About the Job

OMJ Job Number/Reference Code: 3769475

Desired Skills/Duties: Follow all osha requirements and safety rules Communicate to outgoing shift Read and understand run sheet Watch belts, lifts and tracks for nonconforming products and /or other related problem Listen for clled out scrap, top splice, dry spot., remove accordingly If your machine jams, restore it to operation it in a quick, safe manner, sort board and restack online. Machine needs locked / tagged / and tried when necessary Flip top sheet and check board for quality If scrap is found: pull off and place in proper area. (Everything needs weighed / label Scrap properly Communicate any scrap to the Dry-End Operator. After any stop there will be least 1 to 2 dry spots, remove them Make adjustments to fingers, nip rolls, belt speed etc. Run as efficiently as possible. Make sure all stacks are to communicated presentation standards, set load builder if needed, put ties in when needed, and insert load tag in bales. Flip tag if scrap is removed. Place full cover top and bottom pads on units. Use double shift pads. Place cross pads down when needed. Discharge bales verifying conveyor travel unit reaching the bander Complete work orders as necessary wear radio to communicate with co-workers at all times Clean area of scrap and trash. Be sure it is clean before shift change. (EVEN IF IT NOT YOURS). If there is a maintenance or safety issue notify supervisor and / or member of maintenance Cut pads if they are not correct size Use proper bending and lifting procedures Perform P.M. and housekeeping duty as detailed in equipment specific instruction Work with Baler in stocking and straightening of both top and bottom pads Need to organize and keep top platform restocked with pads with the assistance of baler Restock supplies as needed maintain 5S location(s) Skills Required: Ability to identify and successfully operate all Stacker controls Ability to read and understand run sheets and identify special instructions Know and apply all bales specifications (See Stacker Guidelines) Read a tape measure Ability to work in tem environment Must be able to perform repetitive lifting and stacking Ability to lift 50 pounds Basic mathmatic skills

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